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PC (Polycarbonate) Technology and Introduction

PC can be injection moulded, extruded, moulded, blow moulded, hot moulded, printed, bonded, coated and machined。 The most important processing method is injection moulding。 Pre-drying is necessary before forming。 The moisture content should be less than 0。02%。 Processing at high temperature will make the product white and turbid, silver wire and bubbles。 PC has considerable ability of forcing high elastic deformation at room temperature。 Because of its high impact toughness, it can be processed by cold pressing, cold drawing and cold roll pressing。 Molecular weight of PC for extrusion should be more than 30,000。 Gradual compression screw should be used with length-diameter ratio of 1:18-24 and compression ratio of 1:2。5。 Extrusion blow moulding, injection-blow and injection-pull-blow moulding can be used to produce high quality and transparent bottles。 There are many kinds of PC alloys, which can improve the defects of high melt viscosity (processability) and easy stress cracking of PC products。 PC can form alloys or blends with different polymers to improve material properties。 There are PC/ABS alloy, PC/ASA alloy, PC/PBT alloy, PC/PET alloy, PC/PET/elastomer blend, PC/MBS blend, PC/PTFE alloy, PC/PA alloy and so on, which have two advantages of material performance and lower cost。 For example, PC/ABS alloy mainly contributes to high heat resistance, good toughness and impact strength, high strength and flame retardancy, while ABS can improve formability and apparent quality。 Quantity, reduce density。 PC's three main application fields are glass assembly industry, automobile industry, electronics and electrical industry, followed by industrial machinery parts, CD, packaging, computer and other office equipment, medical and health care, film, leisure and protective equipment。 PC can be used as windows and doors, and PC laminates are widely used in protective windows of banks, embassies, detention centers and public places, as well as in aircraft hatches, lighting equipment, industrial safety baffles and bullet-proof glass。 PC board can be used as various signs, such as gasoline pump dial, automobile dashboard, warehouse and open-air commercial sign, point sliding indicator, PC resin for Automobile Photography system, dashboard system and interior decoration system, as headlamp shade, front and rear baffles of automobiles with reinforcing ribs, reflective mirror frame, door frame cover, operating rod sheath, baffle plate, PC is used as junction box, socket, plug and sleeve。 Pipe, gasket, TV conversion device, connector of communication cable under telephone line bracket, switch box, switchboard component, relay shell, PC can be used as low-load parts for household electrical motor, vacuum cleaner, shampoo, coffee machine, toaster, power tool handle, gear, worm wheel, axle sleeve, guide, refrigerator shelf。 PC is an ideal material for CD storage media。 PC bottles (containers) are transparent, light weight, good impact resistance, and can be washed with high temperature and corrosive solution。 They can be used as recyclable bottles (containers)。 PC and PC alloy can be used as computer frame, shell and auxiliary machine, printer parts。 Modified PC is resistant to high-energy radiation sterilization, cooking and baking disinfection。 It can be used for blood sampling instruments, blood oxygenator, surgical instruments, kidney dialyzer, etc。 PC can be used as helmet and safety cap, protective mask, sunglasses, etc。 PC film is widely used in printing charts, medical packaging, membrane commutator。

Polycarbonate, English name Polycarbonate, PC for short。 PC is a kind of amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent, colorless or yellowish thermoplastic engineering plastics, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, flexural strength and compressive strength, small creep, stable size, good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, stable mechanical properties and size in a wide temperature range。 Stability, electrical properties and flame retardancy, can be used for a long time at - 60 ~ 120 ~C; no obvious melting point, in a melting state at 220 - 230 ~C; due to the rigidity of molecular chains, the viscosity of resin melt is high; water absorption, shrinkage, high dimensional accuracy, good dimensional stability, low film permeability; belongs to self-extinguishing materials; light stability, but not ultraviolet light resistance, good weather resistance; oil resistance, intolerance; Acids, alkali-resistant, oxidizing acids, amines and ketones, soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and aromatic solvents, are prone to hydrolysis and cracking in water for a long time。 The disadvantages are poor fatigue resistance, stress cracking, poor solvent resistance and poor wear resistance。

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